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"You've reached Nikolae Thomas. You know what to do."

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Mister Thomas,

it's been a week. The police chief promised me you would inform me about any new developments in the Harris murder investigation. She happened to be my personal assistant, forgive me if I'm concerned.

Are you going back on your superior's word or shall I simply assume you are incompetent?

Harry Osborn
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Re: [e-mail]

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I hope you have something tangible for me then.

I would hate to inform the chief of police that you have been uncooperative. Or tell the press that I'm dissatisfied with the work the police has been doing.
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I hope your explanation is a better one than that you suspect Mister Rhodes. He is my best scientist, it has cost me a fortune in incentives to recruit him! He will advance our stem cell research in bounds and leaps. He can't be a murderer. Do you have any idea what that would do to my R&D schedule?!
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heh Harry really needs to stop channeling his father it's making him such a jerk poor Nikolae xD

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I hope for your sake that your information is right, if you ruin my business plans for the year with a sloppy mistake you will be sorry.

Fine, I will meet you and take a look at your reports.
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Re: XDD as if nikolae isn't a jerk himself

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[He wasn't one to defend murderers, unless they were his father anyway, but Harry was sure pissed that all the superpowers in the world left him as helpless as a regular human when it counted. It chafed, to rely on good old-fashioned detective work when he spent his nights zooming through the skies of New York City as the New Goblin.

Thus it was a very unhappy Harry Osborn that arrived, just on time and already scowling. He sat himself down across from Thomas, legs sprawled out, arms crossed in front of his chest. If he knew one thing it was how to act the spoilt brat.]

Very well, Sherlock Holmes, hit me.